How to Celebrate When Things Get Busy

The other day I caught myself in a self-induced state of negativity, droning on about my busy schedule. I finally had a good talk with myself (no, not out loud), You’re not so special. Everybody is busy.

Learning to cope when life gets busy is an art form I have yet to master. I’m not a morning person, and I LOVE to sit over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and talk…and talk…and talk. I like to enjoy friends and family…while sitting…and doing nothing in particular. In other words I might be lazy.

So when the schedule gets full with things that don’t involve the above, I get spun up like a kitten in a ball of yarn.

This holiday season I’m going to do things a little bit differently (and free myself from that pesky yarn). Here are my Top 10 Ways to Celebrate When Things Get Busy:

10) Get up 15 minutes earlier. Doing this 5 days a week will generate an extra 1.25 hours per week. Just think, if we woke up an extra 30 minutes earlier… never mind, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

9) Exercise 3 times per week. This is something I actually am trying to do, but I have to stay consistent to see the results: more energy, slimmer muffin top, etc.

8) Rest for 15 minutes in between tasks. I remember during my working years, before children, the two 15-minute breaks and 1-hour lunch were a golden time for me and my coworkers. These ideas have somehow eluded me during my stay-at-home years. So I’m going to make sure to sit down and take a break. I will actually get more done because I’ll have more energy.

7) Smile. Smiling uses less muscles than frowning, which will cause less wrinkles, or at least more attractive ones (if this is possible).

6) Say YES. I have a houseful of kids, and the word NO comes out of my mouth like a knee-jerk reaction when the doctor uses that strange tool during a check-up. I’m going to try and say YES more, or at least take a few seconds before I answer NO.

5) Do one small thing. Most of the time the tasks on my to-do list seem overwhelming, but I’ve adopted the Do One Small Thing principle to keep me proactive and confident. Otherwise, my to-do list creates an insecurity in me, and I can do that all by myself, thank you very much.  Down with you to-do list. I’m in charge.

4) Observe. Some of our best ideas come when we are simply watching life unfold in front of us, like a still photo of a person with the blur of life all around them. Yet, when we allow ourselves to sit and observe, we often can’t handle the stillness, so we join in the cacophony of activity. Learn to just BE.

3) Read a good book. A fantastic departure from the realities of life can be found in a good book. If you’re in the middle of the holiday season and feel the stress of it, read a book about an adventure you would like to take. For instance, reading a book about the happenings of a small book shop in Hawaii would do the trick for me.

2) Try something new. This can be as outlandish or conservative as you like. Take a class, even for one evening, about something you love, or would like to learn more about. Purchase a new item for your wardrobe. Eat a roasted brussels sprout (I dare you). I don’t recommend getting a different haircut during the holidays, however. We’ve been down that road before, right?

1) Create a mission. I have not done this, but read about it recently and thought it made good sense. We tend to make all kinds of plans, but those can derail leaving us winded and discouraged. A mission, on the other hand, allows us to work backward with the end in mind.  I leave you with a very appropriate example:

I want to be the kind of person my dog already thinks I am. ~ Anonymous

Here’s to celebrating the busyness of life!

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