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Valentine’s Day has never been a whopping day of love and romance for me. For some reason, maybe a past experience…or two, I always raised the bar on expectation, expecting fireworks (real ones) and lobster, and shoes.

Nowadays, I make a special dinner for my family, decorate the table, light candles, and give them all extra hugs. This is love to me, although I still drool over a new pair of shoes.

This year I’m going to add a new ‘love’ task to my list. Years ago as I was waiting for a Grande Vanilla Latte in the drive thru line at Starbucks, somebody behind me paid for my drink. When I got up to the window, the friendly latte correspondent said that my drink was paid for by the person behind me. It turned out to be a friend of mine, and I thanked her profusely, but I never forgot about it. Later, I would repeat this for random strangers, but I haven’t done it for a long time.

So, if you go to Starbucks in Snohomish on Tuesday, February 14th, and happen to be in line behind me, you are going to get your loving latte or mocha or whatever you order, on me.

Spread the love!

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