The Lure of Good Food

I had this steaming plate of goodness at lunch a couple of weeks ago with my family, and I find myself craving exactly what is pictured here at 5:30am. The lure of good food doesn’t just begin with a craving and end with a satiated stomach, but it beckons us to share it with friends and family.

There’s almost nothing more I like than sitting down with somebody who appreciates good food as much as I do. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be good: a soft pear poached in red wine, butter and sugar; parmesan curls floating on slices of apple and drizzled with agave; a rustic potato tart with cream, butter and nutmeg.

I’ve heard the worst news over an apple martini, and shared the best news over cinnamon rolls. I’ve shared a meal with perfect strangers, the meal itself serving as an ice breaker. Food memories are how I mark many of my most meaningful experiences.

The lure of good food for me is about bringing everything into focus: the ambience, the person I’m with, the conversation, the view, the laughter.

What is your most recent food memory?

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One Response to “The Lure of Good Food”

  1. sippitysup March 16, 2012 at 9:26 am #

    Your “steaming plate of goodness” is my latest food memory! GREG

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