The Lowly Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one my favorite vegetables. I like them raw, roasted, steamed, sautéed and boiled. They are good in soups, stews, chili, gratin, on the side, or as a main. They are delicious! They are high in Vitamin C and have a good percentage of Vitamin K too.

My favorite way to eat them is to gently steam them, toss them into a  hot sauté pan with butter and let them caramelize until they are a light golden brown. Served with toasted pine nuts and sprinkled with parsley,salt and pepper, they make a great dish for any reason whatsoever.

If you are a little skeptical and haven’t made friends with the lowly cauliflower yet, try using some of these seasonings: paprika, red pepper flakes, thyme, taco seasoning, sea salt and of course, butter. Everything tastes better with butter.


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