Poached Pears

Sometimes it’s the little things that make a big world of difference. Meals don’t have to be challenging to plan, difficult to prepare, or expensive.

A juicy pear poached in your favorite red wine and topped with reduced balsamic vinegar and parmesan shavings, is simplicity at its finest. No real recipe, easy to prepare and not expensive.

But the experience of biting into this delicacy reminds me that when big things in life are too big, when problems loom and days are long, throwing ¬†four ingredients together can give us a new perspective. The big things in life, really aren’t that big of deal; the problems that loom, are really just arching over on their way to toppling, and the days are actually too short.

So here’s to a new perspective on what’s bothering you right now, and four ingredients that can give you a simpler point of view.

Pears – Peel, cut if you want to

Red Wine – Simmer with the pear

Parmesan- Shave over poached pear

Balsamic Vinegar – Spoon over poached pear and enjoy


Vent – Tell a friend

Imitate – Act how you want to feel

Evaluate – What is triggering your thought process

Wonder – Ask yourself questions, and wonder about how to make a change if you need to

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