Mother’s Day Perspective

This is the first Mother’s Day that I can’t call my Mom and wish herĀ  a Happy Mother’s Day. Please don’t feel sorry for me. I know many of you are struggling with feelings of sorrow at being unable to shower your Mom with love today.

What strikes me now, though, is how much I didn’t know about my Mom. When did she feel most insecure? What were her beliefs about certain things in the world? Did she think about her life, her past? Did she have hard moments of guilt?

I knew her in the here and now. She was always interested in my life and what I had going on. She listened to my ramblings, offered wisdom and humor, and made me feel better. But what did she dwell on in her private moments? How did her life shape her perspective? Why didn’t I ask her more questions?

Perspective is rooted in the deepest part of ourselves. It becomes our reality. We feel bolstered when somebody else understands our perspective. When you have a genuine interest to go beyond my surface and desire to know me more fully, I am able to change and bloom.

Insecurity is replaced by confidence and so on.

My Mom’s life continues to teach me. And so today, even though I miss her terribly, I will focus on perspective. I will try to understand the people in my life more fully. I will ask more questions. I will try to help somebody else bloom.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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