Speckle of Dirt is a blog inspired by food and how it inspires me to be a better person. It’s about food memories in a vine-ripened Tomato cultivated on my grandfather’s patio in Southern California. It’s about  thinking of Ephemeral things in a cup o’ Joe and feeding the hungry in a can of Cannellini Beans. It’s about practicing Patience while planting Seeds, actively Listening while sizzling Onions and tapping into Creativity staring at a package of Wonton wrappers.

I’ve raised Chicken for meat in my backyard, I grow Vegetables in small raised beds for the Food Bank and slice and dice every night to satisfy my culinary curiosities, sometimes to my family’s turned-up noses. I look to food for healing an upset stomach, to wake up in the morning and to nurture my children. I love food.

Food gives us energy, comfort and choices. It is dynamic, sustaining and vibrant. With all the talk of calories, diets and fat giving food such a bad rap, Speckle of Dirt takes a look at the inspiring side of food.

So if you appreciate food, are captured by food memories, enjoy creating recipes and partaking in food done well, then this is a blog you might enjoy visiting once in a while…good food is Ephemeral…lasting only a short time, but it’s inspiration can last a lifetime, even after we’ve admired, chewed and swallowed!

*Photo Credits: Many of the photos on this blog were purchased at iStock. I’m just beginning to label my own. If it looks professional, it’s probably from iStock.

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