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Personality in a Triple Coconut Cream Puff

Prepare for a small rant.

Lastnight I watched Next Food Network Star. I felt embarrassed for the contestants, irritated by the judges, and left wanting more from the food.

A food show should be about the food. The beauty, history, culture, facts, and various ways it can be manipulated to achieve the desired result.

Maybe I just wasn’t in the right mind to watch NFNS, having just watched an interesting documentary on Paul Liebrandt of Corton, and his long rise to the top.

The hours it takes to become a professional chef is astounding. It seems they never sleep, and when they do they are dreaming of food. The kind of stars they are working toward are Michelin’s.

I’m also reading Herve’ This’ book, Building A Meal, about molecular gastronomy, intuitiveness, and cooking with love.

In addition to that, I’m reading a cookbook by Jacques Pepin. He even goes so far as to say that writing a recipe on paper “destroys the idea or essence of the recipe.”

I have to think that creating a show around the personality of the host instead of the food, does the same thing.

Do you see those Triple Coconut Cream Puffs in the photo. I ate two of those at a recent workshop I attended. They had a depth of personality one can only achieve with talent, creativeness and skill.

That is how I’m inspired. Show me the food.

By the way, you can eat these Triple Coconut Creampuffs at any of Tom Douglas restaurants in Seattle, and get inspired yourself.

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