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Coffee: The Wine of the Bean

Coffee. It’s one of those nouns which has been transformed into verb-tense by the connoisseurs who grind, brew, pour and sip its delicious nectar everyday. I am one of those people who says things like, “Let’s do coffee.” We don’t think anything of a sentence like that these days, but if we were to replace the word Coffee with a different noun, we would get something that doesn’t make sense, “Let’s do book,” or “Let’s do paint brush.” Coffee has become something we do, rather than just a thing to enjoy.


It was first brewed and roasted in Arabia, and according to folklore, a goat herder was astounded by the energy his goats displayed after eating these mysterious red berries. After giving them to a Monk and explaining his observations, the Monk threw the berries into the fire, dismissing the story. Almost immediately the berries had a story of their own to impart, and sent tendrils of aroma into the air. The berries were quickly raked out of the fire, ground and brewed, and a centuries-old drink was born.


I can’t be sure if this story is true, but it occurs to me that it could happen. Many of us are mesmerized by the aroma of the coffee bean. In fact the word Coffee is a truncated derivative of “qahhwat al-bun” in Arabic meaning, “Wine of the Bean,” which gives us insight into the level of respect this little bean garnered. Here are a couple of other interesting facts:

  • Monks used it to stay awake during extended hours of prayer
  • Historically, women held more patents on brewing devices than men
  • Socks were the first filters, distilling flavors of cotton, burlap and wool (eeww!)


We have gone through a cache of different brewing methods to make our morning Coffee. I have a bad track record at making it,  so I was thrilled when we received the Keurig machine as a gift. How modern it feels to pop a Coffee pod into a device and wait for the Coffee to come out? Lovely. Whatever you use to retrieve your morning (and/or afternoon, and/or evening) cup of Coffee is just an extraction of all the goodness the Coffee Bean holds.

I’m inspired by this fact, because life gets hectic and it can be hard to extract all the goodness in each moment.  The cup of Coffee almost forces us to sit…and partake…socialize…reminisce…and plan, until the last drop. But it shouldn’t stop there, let the morning cup of Coffee be the catalyst to remind us to extract from our days, all the goodness in life.


  • Is your Starbucks passion as high in calories as you think? Mine wasn’t.
  • Rule of thumb for filtered brewing: 1 scoop to 1 cup of water (as measured by the coffee pitcher itself)
  • Get a Coffee grinder. The Coffee ends up being cheaper and more fresh. I use KitchenAid.
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