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Composting 101

In an effort to trash waste, I decided to take all produce extras, and dump them in one of my raised garden beds to percolate over the long Winter.

I read Steve Solomon’s book Vegetable Gardening West of the Cascades, but the process about making sure to add all of the necessary components made my head spin. I decided to try and do it my way (read, just dump it, cover it with dirt & leave it).

Well, just last weekend, on a surprisingly nice day I went out to take a look. My daughter, who has been on this adventure with me, squealed in delight as we saw Earth Worms scooting around. We remembered from the book that this was a great sign, and we did a pretty good job.

Now, I don’t know how the flowers and vegetables will like our variety of compost, but we made it together, recycled produce, and had fun trying something new.

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