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Dark Days Challenge: Roasted Veg

February is that pesky, last winter month before the bursting of Spring in March. I, for one, am so glad it’s a short month, and usually want to speed through it. This year though, I’m using February as a “rest” and “planning” month before the rush of planting and gardening season.

For some, February is the month where pickings from the garden are scarce, and when September canning efforts have dwindled. But with proper planning, you could eat bounty from your yard (or someone else’s), all year-round.

I heard about the Dark Days Challenge in my cooking class last month at Pacific Culinary Studio. The dates for the ’09-’10 challenge are November 15, 2009-March 31, 2010. The challenge is to cook one meal a week sourced locally, about a 150 mile radius from where you live. It sounds like a fun challenge. Are you with me?

There are about six weeks left. I might be able to do it, although I’m quickly running out of local items. I only have stew meat from Firsthand Foods and their delicious grass-fed beef. There are only about two chickens left in the freezer from our efforts last summer. I never did get a garden in since we moved, but was able to can some green beans…two jars left. I’ve got a lot of Blackberry Jam though. Would homemade bread and jam count as a meal?

Let me know if you are competing in this challenge. I also want to know how you are planning to grow your groceries this year! Here is a link to the best Roasted Vegetables for your bounty!


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