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Din Tai Fung: Lincoln Square

I know it’s not the best picture. After all, this blog is more about food’s inspiration, than recipes and photographs, but I’m trying to at least give you the essence of what I experience.

Yesterday I got to spend Valentine’s Day lunch with a great friend, and we presided in a corner booth at Din Tai Fung in Lincoln Square, Bellevue, WA.

The place was packed with a (well-worth-it) 30-minute wait, so I suggest making reservations at 425-698-1095 when you decide, and you will, to partake in Dumpling goodness.

And that’s exactly what these Dumplings exude. Watching the kitchen staff prepare the thousands of Dumplings they serve everyday, is a lesson in goodness, camaraderie, teamwork, etc. Patrons get to see the symphony of Dumpling choreography behind a large picture window while waiting for their seats.

After chitting and chatting for what seemed like seconds, our Vegetable Dumplings arrived by uber-friendly waitstaff, and we sat mesmerized by these “Coin Purses of Goodness.”

Taking one bite of these delicious little purses, set my food radar on “professional, talented.” These people know Dumplings. The interior ingredients were not dense and globbed together. It was like a Cornucopia, in that you could identify all the ingredients, yet they didn’t come spilling out either. It was truly the exact and perfect representation of authentic food.

The Dumplings were a lesson in seeing the “Good” in something. Even if it’s new to you, even if you think you’ve seen it before, even if you don’t understand how it works, and even if you can’t do it yourself. There is something good even in the tiniest little “Coin Purses” of life.

Let me know what you think after you try Dumplings at Din Tai Fung!

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