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French Fridays with Dorie: Garlicky Crumb-Coated Broccoli

Fogive this Hipstamatic print of this week’s finished Broccoli product for French Fridays with Dorie, but I’m mildly addicted, and Broccoli is just, well, boring to photograph.

Maybe it’s because we have it every single week and it has become a common kitchen staple, like cups and forks.

Having said that, I was still looking forward to creating this dish in a new way using Dorie’s recipe on page 334 of her book Around My French Table.

I am a little late this week since it was spring break and the whole family was home on Friday. But it did give me a chance to peruse the other links and see how other members prepared and plated this dish. I love this part of FFwD.

One thing I also love is learning something new. Dorie Greenspan is the only one, in my 37 years, who asks me to remove the ‘germ’ from the Garlic. I never investigated Garlic this closely before, and even though I’m not exactly sure why it needs to be removed for some recipes (perhaps this is what makes the Garlic more pungent?), I’m going to do this for all recipes calling for Garlic in the future. Just because it’s fun to do.

I’ve discovered that I really like dissecting things. At any rate, if you haven’t done this, here is what the germ looks like:

And here is how you can take it out (or you can just use your fingers):

Try it, it’s fun.

Here are a couple of variations I made to this fabulous dish:

Variation #1: After steaming the Broccoli, I squeezed fresh Lemon Juice over all of the whole heap

Variation #2: I used Panko crumbs instead of Italian

Variation #3: After plating the Broccoli, I squeezed more fresh Lemon Juice and Kosher salt

Thanks Dorie for another great recipe. I’m looking forward to the delectable Eclair this Friday!

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