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Salted Caramel Thumbprints

I had the privilege of having lunch with a good friend today. Our friendship runs deep, solidified by our love of food and eating.

Those cookies were made by her and given to me for dessert! I can’t wait to make these sinful yet delicious little cookies from Martha Stewart.

Friends don’t let friends miss out on yummy food!

And then there was just 1…



The Intentional Crostini

It was Superbowl Sunday, I’m sure you remember: The Doritos Commercials, Black Eyed Peas’ Halftime Show, The Cute Darth Vader Boy, and we invited some friends over to watch the big event. We were delighted when they showed up bearing ingredients to make a dish they learned at a Sur La Table cooking class in Kirkland, WA.

They were going to make Feta & Roasted Onion Crostini with Fig Jam, which is ironic because I had just finished posting about the Fig’s elusiveness a few days prior. (which you can read here).

In a word, delicious! I was surprised that the Cheese was Feta instead of Chevre, which opened up a new avenue of food inspiration for me.

The reason I’m writing about the Crostini today, though, is because the intricacies of friendship have been on my mind this week. There are many layers to friendship, much like the ingredients for Crostini, you can put on as many as you like: Support, Encouragement, Sounding Board, Love, Laughter, and it’s all done intentionally.

Sometimes the layers become complex, like that extra sprinkle of Thyme to balance out the sweetness of the Fig Jam. Each layer adds to the dazzle of flavors that only experience and intention can properly bind.

Crostini is one of the first things I taught my young children how to make. The whole fun of it is to intentionally make it your own, using your imagination, your experience, your own spin. It seems as if there is no wrong answer, and kids love this.

And adults do too, but we often hold back parts of ourselves, not realizing that sometimes “we” are the answer, that extra touch of flavor to brighten somebody’s day.

So if you’ve got: Dear friends, Old friends, New friends, Funny friends, Twitter friends, FB friends or any other kind, be intentional this week and serve them with…YOU, and maybe a batch of Crostini!

Have fun!

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