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A Change in Perspective

It’s refreshing to see things in a new way, isn’t it? Decorators make a living creating peaceful spaces out of chaos. Psychologists make a living creating peaceful minds. My hope is to have an ever changing wardrobe of perspectives, like a mechanized closet reel of the latest fashions, to keep my perspective positive and my influence inspiring.

I had this ephiphany not at a social networking conference or women’s retreat, but as it often happens, right in my own home doing everyday “at home” things.

The Thanksgiving Table is almost as important to me as the meal itself. Well maybe not THAT important, but you know what I mean. I want my guests to feel welcome and special while they sit down to indulge on the bird and all the fixins’. So while I was hard at work dusting, vacuuming and imagining what the table would look like, it occurred to me that I ought to turn the table 180-degrees so I could add a second table off of the end.

Lo and behold, what a revelation. As it turns out, not being an interior designer, I didn’t realize that this was the way the dining room table was intended to go in the first place. For one whole year we had the table placed East to West, when it should’ve been set North to South.

Now this may not be a big deal to you. You’re thinking, “What’s the big deal?”  But you can’t imagine how freeing it was to make this discovery. It got me thinking about how many other “perspective-changing” treasures I could discover in my world.  How can one small thing make such a difference in perspective, not just physically but mentally as well?

What if I owned a restaurant and changed one small thing on the menu? I could change the perspective of my customers to the point of being honored an award for Best Restaurant.

What if I was a hair stylist and added one small service to my clients? A diamond-studded comb for flat-ironing or a contest to win a Babyliss Flatiron perhaps. I might see my customer base increase by 20% in one month.

What if I was a very expensive coffee house and changed one small thing by staying open a little longer on weeknights? More frazzled moms would meet other frazzled moms for some “coffee” instead of french fries down the street.

And what if I was a stay at home mom getting ready for Thanksgiving and changed the experience of my table? Peace would ensue. 

Sometimes it’s the little things that inspire us and make us realize what’s important, and most of all they remind us of the bigger picture: customers are encouraging, clients are happy and guests feel…good, and we all need a little of that every now and then.

So go forth and change one small thing. Let me know what happens.

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