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House Beautiful?

Between random folks using our driveway as a place to repair vehicles, a puppy finding quiet corners to relieve herself, an annoying cold threatening to ruin my embrace of Spring, laundry piles, unidentified piles, clutter, a sweaty yoga mat, dirty dishes and the last roll of toilet paper, I’m ready to call in the maid brigade to pick us up and dust us off until we sparkle again.

But I won’t. There is something meaningful about marinating in the “stuff” of life, and then using your own two hands, scrub brush, Borax and muscle to DIY your home back to life again.

Besides, if I did call in the reinforcements, I’d be cleaning right along side them. It’s something that, once I get started, I actually enjoy. It’s the getting started part that eludes me most days.

What I do to get motivated is look at Traditional Home magazine over a hot cup of tea, or I take a walk through the beautiful shops in my area and look at the organized detail of the displays. Which is what I did yesterday while buying Birthday presents. Hence, the photo at left.

For some reason, rather than becoming even more sodden in the muck with envy at looking at somebody else’s beautiful home or display, I get inspired to clean, cook, organize and take care of it all.

But since it’s Friday, and date night, and I’m sick-ish, I’m going to let it go one more dizzying day without any guilt…it will be here tomorrow.

How do you get motivated to do what needs to be done?

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