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All Calm and Glitter

I’m so thankful for the Amazon Kindle App for iPhone. I used to read by lamplight, which threw an incandescent glow on my sleeping husband’s face. Meanwhile, I would inadvertently rustle pages with each turn, and make clicking sounds with the cap of my highlighter pen. With each rustle and click, he would toss and turn. Now I scroll through pages easily, and simply use the pads of my fingers to highlight favorite passages.

I came across one such passage the other day, which elicited the same feelings as the first time I read it. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes when I review my highlights, I have to really think about what struck me about it. Not this time, though.

The passage is from a book titled, A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick, a tragic story of love and loss and the reinventing of ourselves. It is an historical fiction piece centered in Wisconsin in 1907. The writing is excellent, drawing readers into the intimate thoughts of each character. Here is the full paragraph of the passage for which this blog post is titled:

She bought dresses for the city, simple dresses, small hats, fine and expensive, but demure. She bought a black karakul coat with a mink collar, extravagant for the country, but ubiquitously proper and anonymous in Saint Louis. She wore black kid gloves on the street. She wore white cotton gloves to take tea in the lobby, like the other ladies. She observed the women in the hotel dining room and tried to dress and behave and smile the way they did. They were all calm and glitter.

What a great description, not just of high-brow society, but of a disposition, a bent to tranquility and sereneness. And if there’s glitter floating around, so be it. Calm and glitter is the way I want to be remembered, captured in a state of happiness with glitter dust falling on my shoulders as I move through to-do lists and schedules. One can dream, can’t she.

It is a good reminder for me, though. Over the last couple of days, when stress starts to prick my back, I think of calm and glitter, and for some reason stress diffuses and is replaced by a smile. Thinking of calm alone, doesn’t transport me to riding effervescent bubbles the way the word glitter does. Glitter infuses energy, but a serene energy, not the drill sergeant type, which I fear I embrace too often.

As a reminder to myself today, I’m going to put on some glittery eye-shadow, purple in fact. No one will be the wiser, except my own heart.

How do you stay in a state of calm and glitter?

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