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Knickerbocker Glory

I was blessed to have breakfast in bed this morning via my two beautiful daughters, so in thanks I decided to let them have ice cream for lunch, along with other fixings for Knickerbocker Glory.

We found this recipe on page 35 of Gordon Ramsay’s Family Fare. One of my daughter’s has an affinity for sweets, and when she happened upon this page, she let out a squeal of delight.

Essentially it is just a collage of fruit chopped the way you like it, with vanilla ice cream, and crushed Amaretti cookies on top. We got the special cookies double-wrapped for freshness, but next time, I’ll just use almond cookies, or even crushed almonds.

The fun part of this recipe was manipulating the Cherries. I went to the liquor store and purchased, for the first time ever, Kirschwasser, a Cherry Liqueur.

Basically you pit the cherries, halve them, toss them into a pan with the Kirsch and Sugar, and light it on fire. This then gets tossed with the other fruit after it cools.

I don’t have permission to print the exact recipe here, but you get the idea. It’s a simple way to enjoy the last days of summer. Try it!

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