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Lemon Couture

The lowly Lemon. I just stuck a wedge in my Tazo Rest Well-Being cup of Tea, and chances are you either, sliced, zested, squeezed or applied Lemon in one form another in the last 24 hours. We use it in cooking, aromatherapy, art therapy and in spa treatments. So why are there Lemon Laws with regard to automobiles, and why do people tell us to make Lemonade when we receive Lemons in life? It’s such a versatile fruit, what gives?

As it turns out, these slang terms come from old analogies about being a simpleton, a hustler, being sub-standard or becoming sour when things don’t go our way. So I’m taking this opportunity to raise Lemon’s reputation, and place it in the realm of  Haute Couture. Well I can’t go that far, Paris has actual regulations about the term, but I figure Lemons impart the same “custom fit” attributes which we tailor to the needs of our culinary adventures in the kitchen. Lemons are high fashion and they remind us to embrace our ability to be flexible in life, tailoring our attitudes and actions much like those “made to order” ensembles on the runways of Paris.

Lemons are on top of my food list, before Chocolate, Beef and even Lavender. It is my favorite food, favorite scent (Black Truffle Oil is second), favorite oil, favorite zest, favorite vinaigrette. I love to decorate with Lemon Leaves, sniff Lemon oil, use a Lemon scrub, and I’ve even dehydrated and glittered them to use as ornaments (Oh dear, I think I might be Lemon’s biggest fan).  I love the versatility of Lemon, not just in and of itself, but in how many different food and non-food items it compliments: Meats, Tarts, Ice Cream, Tea, shampoo, wood polish…and even skin.

Other Facts:

  • Lemons have a PH of 2 to 3
  • Bank Tellers have used Lemon slices to enable them to handle money better
  • Lemon juice is 5% citric acid
  • Lemons have a Vitamin C content of about 40mg!

Here is a recipe for Lemon Curd Tart from Ina Garten in her cookbook, The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook, which you can purchase by clicking on the photo below. It is sooooo delicious!

If you love Lemons leave us a comment about your favorite way to use them and don’t forget to let them remind you to stay flexible today and everyday!

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