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The Elegance of Parsley

Back in the 1980′s Dallas was a popular television show about a big oil family in the state of Texas. I grew up in a family who loved watching this show, and so on Friday nights, everything stopped like a traffic jam on I-5 at precisely 8 pm.

All I remember is big hair, southern accents and a lot of drama centered around Larry Hagman. I remember wondering if life was really like that in Texas. I still wonder, only having flown in and out of the airport on my way to some other locale.

My world at that time was centered around rainbows, horses and Ricky Shroeder (you might remember him from the sitcom Silver Spoons). And so when my parents told me that we were going to a local equestrian center for an event, and that famous actors would be there, including the cast of Dallas, and The Rickster, I was thrilled to go.

The memory of this day came back to me as I was harvesting Parsley. I couldn’t help admiring the way the stems swayed in the gentle breeze. For some reason they modeled a stylish elegance which reminded me of that day long ago at the equestrian center.

We had seats on bleachers with handrails seperating the walkway where the stars made their way down to the VIP area. People were holding out their hands for a covetous handshake, asking for pictures, and shouting out the names of their favorite actors.

I can’t remember with what kind of force she shook my hand, surely gentle as only a lady will do, but as she let go and continued down the red carpet, I looked at my hand where Eva Gabor left a dusting of glittery talcum powder. I’m sure this is how I first became a glitter monger…glitter dust from the elegant Eva Gabor.

And so when harvesting Parsley, I remember the past, and glitter, and elegance and how I vowed never to wash my cheek because, I fogot to mention, The Rickster kissed me there after he took a photograph with me.

I’ve since grown up and have washed my cheek a zillion times. I use glitter at every opportunity, and love being inspired by food to remind me of the past, ponder the future, and marinate in the moment.

My advice to you today is to go out and make a memory. It might come back to you in thirty years, like a soft peck on the cheek or an elegant sprinkling of stardust.

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