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The Art of Doing Nothing

I read an article the other day in the latest issue of O magazine called, Lying Low by Martha Beck. I haven’t read Oprah’s magazine in years, but I liked the hairstyle she was sporting on the cover, and with September looming, I thought it would be a good excuse to prepare my mind for Fall. Justification done.

As I was lounging on my chaise preparing to read the magazine, I felt an internal nagging. You know the one. It makes you feel like you can’t steal a few minutes to yourself, because dinner needs to be made, laundry needs to be folded and the nagging goes on and on. Just when I was about to heed my nagging self, the page flipped over to Beck’s article on resting like you mean it. Cool, another justification. So I stayed put.

Here is one of the many sentences that gave me pause. I wonder if you can relate to this:

Think about it:Humans are the only creature who resist the pattern of ebb and flow. We want the sun to shine all night, and when it doesn’t, we create cities that never sleep.

Last fall I went through a time when I was restless about which direction I needed to go. It was difficult to just rest and wait, knowing the season would change and bustle would be my friend again. Not coincidentally, it was my mom who gave me the advice to rest. I learned a lot from that experience, and coupled with this article, I’m wrapping my mind around the concept of resting like I mean it when the kids return to school.

Now I don’t think Beck means becoming a couch potato, falling asleep on the couch with an empty back of Doritos on your abdomen. But it does mean  it is perfectly natural to look inward, and evaluate in order to move on from the quiet valley.

If you find yourself today in a state of resistance at the lull in your day, I hereby give you a permission slip to do nothing. Hey, I could give these out all day: one for you, and one for you. If only I could give myself one. Well, I did say I was preparing for September, I’ll give myself one then. But you, you stay put and enjoy the art of doing nothing!

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