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A Manner of Salt

Salt. It’s one of the most common, and least pondered-over additions to food we intake each day. Nearly everything we put in our mouths is flavored by a little bit (or a lot) of Salt. My go-to variety of Salt is Kosher, which rests in my favorite “pinch-dish” inside a basket next to my stove.

Incidentally, Kosher Salt isn’t any more Kosher than the other varieties of Salt. It gets its name because of its ability to make other things Kosher, like meat. All this time I thought I was using a more righteous Salt, who knew?

I grew up with an awareness of Salt intake, because my Grandfather had Hypertension and wasn’t allowed to flavor anything with real Salt (although he tried when nobody was watching!). Now that I’m all grown up with Hypertension myself, I have to be careful just to take a pinch here and there to season food while I’m cooking.

A few days ago, the federal government released new Dietary Guidelines regarding Salt. It is recommended that Americans have no more than 2300mg of Salt intake per day. This can be difficult to guage in our busy drive-thru lives, but there are a few things you can do at home to decrease the amount of Salt you and your family intake each day:

  • Always buy Unsalted Butter to use in baking and cooking
  • Never have Salt and Pepper shakers on the table at meal times
  • Use a Salt substitute. Costco has a really tasty Organic No-Salt Seasoning with 21 organic spices
  • Reduce the amount of salty snacks in your diet: Sunflower Seeds and Popcorn w/ gobs of Salt (my fave)

And since we are on the subject of Salt, I’m reminded that Salt is meant to add flavor to our culinary concoctions, which for some reason makes me think of having good manners.

Think of the last time you took a bite of something containing an overabundance of Salt. Remember the puckered face? We can season our relationships in much the same way: an overabundance of Opinion, a glob of Self-importance, and a serving-spoonful of Judgement, leaving our friends and family with the puckered faces of distaste.

Next time you add a “pinch” of salt, remember to season your relationships well too.

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