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Sunsets in Snohomish

It was finally a glorious Saturday in the NW, filled with the usual springtime activities: bonfires, baseball and parties. After dropping the kids off at aBirthday party, I set out to do some shopping for this busy time of year, in my city, Snohomish, WA.

Snohomish is the antique capital of the Northwest with a bustling historic district. Think of a Thomas Kinkade painting of a small town replete with bakery, pie shop, laughing children and couples walking hand in hand.

And to my surprise, it was the first Sunsets in Snohomish event, showcasing six local wineries nestled in six different shops around the district. This was a perfect reason to slow down and partake in a casual stroll, sip wine, shop slowly and meet new friends.

Sunsets in Snohomish is a BYOG (bring your own glass) event, organized by Historic Downtown Snohomish. Since I was joining this stroll on a whim, I didn’t bring a glass. Luckily the nice guys at Mac Donald Distillery let me borrow a teeny cordial glass, if I promised to bring it back with friends. I chuckled when I saw a couple sipping out of Mason jars, the BYOG concept is a lot of fun.

The Speckled Hen and Dubindil Winery

My first stop was at The Speckled Hen Country Store where Dubindil Winery was featured. I tasted a delicious Syrah and learned that they set up shop on the west end of the city for wine tastings.

Bite Me Cupcakes and Lantz Cellars

Next I found myself at Bite Me Cupcakes. They did an amazing job offering wine-infused cupcakes and chocolate-dipped Strawberries using the wine that we would actually be tasting. Lantz Cellars offered a variety of wines to taste, but I settled on a Cabernet. It was delicious.

Faded Elegance and Northwest Totem Cellars

Off I went to Faded Elegance, one of my favorite shops in town. The picture at the top of the post was taken inside this beautiful shop, where they offer antiques, garden wares, home decor, and unique gifts. This is not your typical antique shop, and every time I walk in I feel mesmerized by the decor, and inspired to create.  Northwest Totem Cellars was featured here and I chose to taste a nice Merlot while taking pictures and searching for gifts.

Ruffles & Rust and Barrage Cellars

Ruffles & Rust Square was my next stop…again. I had been in earlier looking at some items for myself…ahem, even though I was supposed to be shopping for others. This usually happens though, doesn’t it.

The square offers an abundance of items from different sellers, but owner Timi and her team have done a great job of making it feel cohesive, and not like your typical multi-vendor shop.

Barrage Cellars was featured here.  They offered a variety of wines to taste, but I only had two tickets left, and I was saving the last one for my next stop. I’m so glad I got to try the soon-to-be released Trifecta Merlot. Love the name and the wine. Can’t wait until it gets released with a new label.

Catering for Ruffles & Rust was Table 9, who did a whimsical display. My kids would eat more veggies if I displayed them like this. The Charceuterie platter was equally gorgeous, and I look forward to recommending them for events in the future.

Le Gourmet Depot and Martedi Winery

My last stop, and the place where you could by all the featured wines, was Le Gourmet Depot. It is becoming a second home for me because I take cooking classes here, pop in to buy wine for certain meals, and join others on Farmer’s Market Thursday to find out what’s cooking.

I was thrilled to see that John Miglino of Martedi Winery was pouring here, because at my last cooking class I was introduced to their Tuesday Cellars No. 11 Red, a wine I enjoy with company on a casual weekend get-together. I used my last ticket to try their Syrah, and I just had to try the Sangiovese, which required a small fee of $1 since I was out of tickets. So worth it. I also purchased the 2007 Martedi Riserva, which John told me was To. Die. For. I don’t think I’m capable of hearing those words without taking action. I will serve this with a special Italian meal.

When I first got in to town, I could smell something amazing coming from Le Gourmet Depot, so I went in. It turns out that Chef Dana was smoking Halibut, which she turned into a delicious Smoked Halibut Torta by the time I ended up at her counter inside the shop. It looked and tasted amazing, alongside a beautiful Beet Hummus. I signed up for her next class, and I can’t wait to go.

GROW Washington and Alia Wines

Sadly, I missed Alia Wines at GROW Washington. I’m not sure how it happened, but I will not make this mistake next time, which happens to be July 9, August 13 and September 10, in case you want to make plans ahead of time. You can get tickets here.

I really enjoyed spending a casual evening in my city. Usually I am rushing in and out to pick up this or that on my way hither and yon. It was an event I’m looking forward to over the summer. Will you join me?

Helpful Hints

  • Buy your tickets early. You can purchase tickets at the shops the day of the event for $5 before 5:00pm, otherwise they are $8 at the event tent. You can also buy them online using the link above
  • BYOG and show off your personality
  • Bring some spending money. Many of the shops are open late, even if they aren’t hosting a winery, and you don’t want to miss out on all of the good stuff they have to offer
  • Bring an appetite. Not only do some of the shops offer nibbles and bites during the event, but many of the restaurants are offering dinner specials and staying open late
  • Bring some friends. I am inviting friends next time, now that I have the dates. It is a fun time!
  • Hours are from 5-8pm

The Shops Hosting Sips

The Wineries

The Chefs/Catering in specific shops

For More Information and to buy tickets, visit Historic Downtown Snohomish website

Anticipation in the Garden

I have a love/hate relationship with the month of February. Well, I mostly love it, but I feel suspended in a bubble of anticipation, searching for signs of Spring and waiting to breathe the sweet blossoms of a new season.

When I have that suspended feeling, what else is there to do but visit my local garden nursery. This picture is of a barn at McAuliffe’s Nursery in Snohomish, WA. The clouds were so beautiful the day I went, and armed with the newly discovered Hipstamatic App on my iPhone, I snapped a photo of this barn with the puffy, white clouds.

The kids had the day off from school that day, and they thoroughly enjoyed the adventure with me. Here is a photo of them inside one of the little pottery sheds.

These teeny shots of inspiration are just what a simple girl needs to chug along until Spring. That little shed, with the oriental rugs and exposed ceiling, were like fresh air to me.

We meandered around the brick pathways in search of more. After the pottery shed, we found ourselves in a flat of trees with buds holding all of their promise.

Next, we saw plants blushing with the secrets of bloom, so we decided to take one home, a flowering Quince with an Orchid-like posture, curling up toward the sky with branches like the arms of a ballerina.

The ballerina is currently planted in the flowerbed with about six inches of snow on her delicate petals. I’m sure she will dazzle again in a few weeks.

If you are having trouble pushing through the last weeks of Winter, visit a nursery and take something home. It might just be the thing you need to burst the bubble of anticipation and breathe anew!

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