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A Food Blogger’s Recipe for Success

Social media is a wonderful thing…until it makes you forget who you are and why you started your blog in the first place.

The numbers game is a dangerous one. Any gambler who lost his shirt (house, car, savings) on a bet can tell you that. It’s easy to get caught up in numbers when your blog is winning, your fans are plenty and your score is rising.

But what happens when you lose one? Or two? When you watch your numbers fall like Souffle 60-seconds out of the oven?

Does it make you want to quit? Do you define your blog’s worth in the value of numbers from followers, fans, comments, and RT’s? Did you forget why you started your blog in the first place?

I’ve been there. In fact many of us have. Just last week there was a hefty discussion about this very thing on Ethan Adeland’s blog Tastes Better with Friends. The talk was about expectations, success, comments and popularity. The comments were really thought-provoking.

Then I read chatter about Ina Garten refusing a Make-a-Wish wish, and I realized how fragile this whole game is. The responsibility that goes along with success, in any industry, can be daunting and devastating…if you let it get to you.

Justin Bieber lost fans/followers (so I hear) because he cut his lovely locks. I’m not even sure what to say about that.

How fickle we humans are.

So here is my recipe for success as a food blogger:

1) Grab hold of why you started your blog, hobby, dream in the first place.

2) Define the value of your work by your own standards. Improve by those standards.

3) Don’t give up based on arbitrary concerns.

4) Be willing to fail. Many times. Every day.

5) Have a blast.

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