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Peruvian Tofu Salad

It was one of those nights, the kind where you find forgotten treasures on trash night while cleaning out the refrigerator.

Instead of finding stranded Parsley heads and coils of withered Onion, I had the good fortune of finding a block of firm Tofu I purchased only a week prior.

The following is a recipe “from the hip” that you might enjoy.

You will need:

~10 oz. Firm Tofu

~1TB Squeezed Lemon/Lime Mix (just the juice of 1 Lemon and 1 Lime in same bowl)

~ Fresh Mint to your taste ( I actually have a ton of dried Mint which I rehydrated in the Lemon/Lime mixture)

~ 1 TB Tamari

~1 TB Peanut Butter

~1 Tsp Garlic/Shallot/Ginger mix (Slice ingredients, Bake at 200 for 4 hours, Grind)

~6″ piece of Lemongrass

~ 3 Strands of Chives

~ 1 TB Walnut Oil (more for drizzling at the end)

~ 1/4 C Chardonnay to deglaze

~ 2Tsp Peanut Butter add after pan is deglazed to make a sauce

~ Spinach, Romain, Butter Lettuces (use your favorite)

~ Plain Greek Yogurt


And always a pinch of S&P


1) Cut your Tofu into cubes like this

2) Mix Parsley, Lemon/Lime Mix, Tamari, Peanut Butter, Ground Mix of Garlic-Shallots-Ginger, Lemongrass, Chives like this

3)Pour dressing over Tofu, toss and marinate

4) Brown in saute pan

5) When the Tofu is brown on all sides, deglaze with Wine, then add Peanut Butter, S&P

6) Assemble Lettuces, top or mix with Tofu and sauce, drop a dollop of plain Greek Yogurt, Agave or Honey and a drizzle of Walnut Oil


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