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What Can We Learn From Ugli Fruit?

The other day I read a somewhat disturbing status update in my Facebook feed. It was self-deprecating and full of disgust for one’s self.

It made me sad, and so, I started to analyze this overwhelming sense of loathing we, yes we, have for ourselves in one way or another, which led to food, specifically the Ugli Fruit.

The Ugli Fruit is a hybrid citrus made up of Grapefruit, Orange and Tangerine. It is cultivated and marketed in Jamaica by Cabel Hill Citrus Ltd.

It has green, wrinkly skin, which makes beholders second-guess plucking one out and taking it home. What will it taste like? they might ask, and set it down for the common Apple…something they know.

But truth be told, it tastes delicious, and can be used in place of a Tangerine or Grapefruit. You can eat it the same way as well.

So what can we learn from the Ugli Fruit?

We are reminded that who we are lies on the inside, not in our appearance.

We learn there may be days we appear green and wrinkly on the outside, but we’re still useful, and sweet on the inside.

We learn that we may behold a questionable outside appearance that is gruff and harsh in someone else.

At that moment we need to look deeper and find the usefulness and sweetness lying just under the surface.

A good place to start is in the mirror.

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