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Chocolate Souffle: Keeping It Light

I made these decadent (yet not so rich they bind the roof of your mouth and tongue together) Chocolate Souffles a few weeks ago with one of my daughters. School gets out early on Fridays, so I’ve made Friday “baking day” with 1 or more of my kiddos. On this particular day, my 8-year-old chocoholic was in the kitchen with me.

Her job was to prepare the dishes for baking by smearing the inside with Butter, and sprinkling with Sugar (all while taking what we call “finger picks” of fallen Sugar by tracing her index finger on the Silpat under the

My job was to 1) Melt the Chocolate 2) Scald the Milk 3) Whip Egg Whites into stiff peaks 4) Combine gently and bake (I think her job was more fun).

Souffles can be intimidating for some people, myself included. It has something to do with gently combining the Egg Whites into the other ingredients; if done too aggressively, the resulting effect is a flat Souffle, which isn’t a Souffle at all.

 The word Souffle comes from the French word, Souffler, meaning to blow or puff up. Souffles are supposed to be light and airy, but with baking, as in life, achieving an attitude of weightlessness can be a challenging thing to do. 

Especially on Valentine’s Day. I know this is a day for expressing Love & Romance, and I can assure you that I think this is a worthwhile pursuit, but for some: newly divorced, newly broken-up, experiencing loss, feeling a sense of loneliness, or never having loved at all, Valentine’s Day can become a kind of National Avoidance Day.

I can’t blame them either. They have to veritably jump over pulsating hearts everywhere they go: the grocery store, the workplace and even at home while watching commercials on  TV.

Then you have the, I’m-So-In-love-I-Can’t-Wait-for-Valentine’s Day people, who inevitably set themselves up for disappointment: lost dinner reservations, no proposal, hoops instead of Diamond studs, a flat tire, a broken heel, Butter-splattered dress, etc. These sincere folks put so much hope into this one day, that it can become flat and lackluster. I know because I’ve done it.

So this year, I’m keeping it light. The Chocolate Souffle is a great reminder that life’s journey is full of sweetness, and it’s not all wrapped up in one day or one person. Spread the Love!

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